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Who's Got Your Back?


Your tribe are the people who understand you and speak your language.

They share your philosophies and passion. Your tribe believes in you and has your back, voluntarily putting the group’s needs ahead of their own.

Finding your tribe feels like uncovering superpowers you never knew you had. Everything becomes easier and faster. When you have others in your corner to help you accomplish your goals, the sky’s the limit.

Finding Your People


The Law of Attraction is the popular belief that we attract whatever we focus on. For negative people, this means they will continue to experience hardship and despair. And for those who set goals for themselves and maintain a positive mindset, they’ll find a way to achieve them.

If that’s too new age for you, consider this: people naturally gravitate to organizations they trust and identify with. Look at Harley Davidson – they don’t motorcycles, they sell a lifestyle. Disneyland doesn’t sell park tickets, they sell family entertainment and priceless memories. In other words, when we resonate with an organization’s message, we take action.

The same holds true with your tribe. There are people out there who are looking for something to believe in and get behind. They are searching for a community – they’re searching for you! We invest our energy into searching for the right people, when really, we should be focusing on attracting the right people to us. How do we do this? By intentionally cultivating our organizational culture.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe


Close enough isn’t good enough when it comes to cultivating your organizational culture. It requires careful planning and execution to get it right, and many entrepreneurs miss their mark. They either don’t understand the big picture themselves or they struggle to explain it and get others on board

The Cultural Framework can help you define and communicate your organizational culture. You can use it internally to onboard new recruits and pull your team together, and externally to build your brand and attract your people to you. Let’s take a closer look at each component.

Vision and Mission

Everything the organization says, believes and does revolves around the leader’s vision. A vision statement is your plan for the future, articulating the company’s dreams and aspirations. It answers the fundamental question of why your business exists and gives others a reason to follow you.

A mission statement is a call to action focused on the present. It clarifies who the organization services and how the vision will be fulfilled. Mission statements help employees align their actions with the company’s goals.

For example, at All-Star Academy:

Our vision is to help entrepreneurs level up their businesses and their lives.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs attract, develop and lead their dream team.  

Everything we do is built around making entrepreneurs’ lives easier and more rewarding, and the way we’re doing that is by helping them build their dream team.

The key to effective Vision and Mission statements is to keep them simple, timeless and inspiring. Write down your own, say them out loud and polish them until they feel right. Bonus points if you test them on your friends and they can explain your business back to you.

Core Values

Our core values are the guiding principles we instinctively adhere to. Broadcasting our values not only attracts like-minded people into our tribe, but also equips them with a moral compass.

Training your team how to think and feel is particularly useful when they don’t have rules or experience to fall back on. Likewise, when the organization’s focus shifts from governing laws to guiding decisions, employees feel safe to take calculated risks in the same manner as you would.

There are certain values you live by, even if they don’t easily come to mind. What personal attributes do you look for in others? How do you expect to be treated? How will you grow and what inspires you?

Brainstorm your company’s values, write them down and say them out loud. Do they firmly represent what you believe? Do they define the expected behavior and mindset? Most importantly, are they consistent with your vision and mission statements?

To get you started, here are our core values at All-Star Academy:

  • We lead with passion, integrity and gratitude.
  • We treat everyone like family.
  • We help others reach their full potential.
  • We welcome and inspire change.
  • We make valuable mistakes.
  • We learn, share and grow everyday.

Performance Standards and Service Guidelines

Performance standards are the non-negotiable expectations of the leader. They are specific, measurable objectives and policies which must be followed by everyone at all times. Performance standards touch on all the important aspects of your business, including safety, productivity, efficiency and codes of conduct.

For example, if your favorite pizza place has a “30 minute delivery or it’s free” policy, this is a standard. There’s no dispute if the pizza arrives in 31 minutes – one minute late is still late.

Performance standards represent the minimum level of acceptable performance, while service guidelines focus on best practices for impeccable customer service. Your service guidelines should be short and sweet so they’re clear, easy to remember and also flexible enough for your employees to add their own personal touch.

Establishing performance standards and service guidelines provide clear directions for your employees to follow and indicates how success is measured. Remember, what gets measured gets improved and consistency is the name of the game.

Communicate Your Culture


Now that you understand the big picture, the next step is to communicate it internally to change your existing culture, and externally to attract your tribe.  You can get the ball rolling with these tips:

  • Display your company’s Vision, Mission and Core Values where everyone can see them.
  • Use your training resources to link policies and procedures to the organizational culture.
  • Reinforce the organizational culture by practicing what you preach.
  • Start with your A-team players to quickly build momentum.

Download the First 3 Chapters for FREE

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